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Mud Baths for all!


Want your dog to be really clean?  Use mud.  Really!

At Precious Paws we understand the importance of a dog’s skin.   Healthy skin works as a protective layer against environmental pollutants and allergens and is vital to your dog’s health.  Humans have much thicker skin /protective barrier (10-15 layers of epidermis compared to 5 for dogs) and have higher pH levels, meaning we have more defense against pollutants and bacteria.  The more alkaline pH of dog’s skin increases it’s vulnerability as it can absorb a lot more than a human’s skin.

Per square inch of your dog, there are around 15,000 hair follicles.  That’s a lot.  Pollution in the air, dirt from the grass that your dog loves to roll in or even the dog’s hair itself can cause these follicles to become dirty and blocked.  This could lead to your dog feeling a bit itchy in some places, potentially developing cysts or, in worst case scenarios, lead to more serious infections.

Due to the importance of healthy skin, we at Precious Paws are now offering unique mud-mask whole-body treatments from Madra Mor  (www.madramormud.com) .  Designed in tandem with an organic chemist with a background in immunology, Madra Mor have a range of treatments to address different needs.  Combined with a 15 minute massage to ensure full absorption of the antioxidant properties and minerals in the mud, this is the perfect treatment for all dogs to help keep their skin hydrated, healthy and ready to face the day.

Contact us today to book your dog’s mud treatment.


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