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Proud to stock Leucillin!

We all think about or own skincare, but how often do you think about your pets?

I was recommended Leucillin by a colleague in the pet care industry for my puppy, Ruby, and have been a devotee ever since!

Recently, I have seen clients’ dogs who have had itchy skin, sore skin as a result of friction, or sore patches that were uncomfortable for the dog (and a vet’s visit was recommended!).  All of these clients were duly given some out of my trusty bottle and reported that symptoms improved (one owner said the vet was impressed the with ointment I had given for the dog’s sore patches!)

Even Channel 4’s Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick uses it during surgery!  (Warning, graphic content)

For Ruby I use the product to help tear staining as this rids the skin of any germs that may be hiding there, whilst being completely safe and non-irritating should some product come into contact with the eye.  In the van, Leucillin can be an effective products to clean pet’s ears and help remove waxy deposits leaving ears fresh and clean.

This product has so many uses that I simply had to share it with my loyal clientele and make it easier for you to obtain should you wish following a grooming treatment.  Please ask for more information or visit www.leucillin.co.uk

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