Pet Services

When using services provided by Precious Paws, you are getting the highest possible quality and your dog is receiving individual care. Our prices reflect our abilities, experience, qualifications and dedication to our continual improvement in the industry.  We do not price match.

All grooming services include a free consultation where we will discuss your requirements and help find you the best package to meet your dog’s needs – we require that you complete a client card and/or pack to ensure we can treat your dog according to their unique needs.

All staff hold high levels of qualifications, have a wealth of experience, are fully insured, and are DBS checked for your peace of mind.

As a mobile service, a call out charge of £5 is added to each appointment.

Please be aware that all clients will be required to read, accept and sign our terms and conditions ( 

Payment is required immediately (within 24 hours) after service via cash, card or bank transfer.

If payment is not made immediately for services, interest of £1 per day overdue will be incurred.  The client is responsible for any costs incurred with the collection proceedings, including legal fees, for all amounts more than 30 days overdue. 

If dogs are overdue their recommended 4 – 8 week grooming schedule and become matted during this time, extra fees may be incurred.   A total shave-down may be required in the interest of your dog’s comfort and well-being in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act (2006).  Extra fees will be incurred for this service.

It is recommended that you adhere to a regular grooming schedule as advised by your groomer and that you provide coat maintenance at home in between appointments.  Please ask if  you need advice regarding this.

If a dog is found to be suffering with fleas, please note that this will incur an extra charge to cover a flea bath, fumigation of premises to protect all pets in our care and a call-out charge.

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