Precious Paws Dog Grooming

Our Treatments

All treatments include:

  • Comprehensive pre-treatment consultation
  • Relaxing, mood-lit spa environment with surround sound music.
  • Warm lavender wraps for all dogs to help keep them calm and relaxed whilst significantly reducing drying times.
  • Only natural products use that are ethically sourced and cruelty, paraben and sodium laurel sulphate free (unless premium products requested)
  • One-to-one attention at all times.
  • Aromatherapy diffused throughout to ensure the optimum relaxation experience.
  • No dog will ever be crated (except for the ambassador who, after an initial play and greet with clients, retires to her 1.5m2 palatial bespoke, custom built crate)

As we recognise how precious your pets are, we also send them home with a spritz of divine cologne and a fetching accessory chosen to enhance your dog’s style.

On arrival, each dog will undergo a skin and coat analysis to determine the most suitable product to address their individual needs. We use a range of natural treatments to ensure the optimum well-being of your dog and products to benefit the skin and hair of your dog may be recommended for you to add on to the groom.

Ruby’s VIPP Scheme (Very Important Precious Paw – like Ruby)

For the  vibrant soul who’s coat (and personality) is their pride and joy, secure their appointments in advance and spread the cost over the year to help you budget for their needs.  Enjoy additional benefits and offers only available to VIPP members.  See if you are eligible to join Precious Paws’ VIPP scheme and enjoy the following benefits:


  • Secure your grooming appointments for the year, thereby securing the cost (notwithstanding unexpected matting, for example) of your dogs groom for a whole year and potentially avoiding the yearly cost increase in December.  Pay by monthly installments to enable you to easily budget for your dog’s care and maintenance.
  • Ruby’s VIPP’s will receive a Miracle Face Scrub facial treatment worth £5 at each groom for the year of their membership.
  • Ruby’s VIPP’s will also receive a mini paw-dicure including pad massage with healing paw balm worth £5 at each groom for the year for the duration of their membership.
  • At their final grooming appointment before Christmas, Ruby’s VIPP’s will receive a special luxury Christmas accessory (subtle bling) and a paw-picked gift from the ambassador herself.

What a time to be alive.

Call, text or email Melissa now to discuss your eligibility to this prestigious members-only group (t’s and c’s apply)


  • Precious Paws

    Maintenance Treatment

    Ideal for the busy dog who wants to maintain their style in-between full grooms or for the sporty dog who enjoys muddy fields.

    If you find sometimes that you get behind on your pooch's brushing, a maintenance treatment in-between full grooms is ideal - in some cases, essential (poodles, bichons, cockerpoos, poochons etc etc)

    Includes a hydro-massage bath, with products selected to meet your dogs specific needs, calming, warm lavender wrap, blow dry, full body brush, trim of eyes, feet and sanitary area (if required), ear cleanse and nail trim (if required).

    Please note that this is a maintenance visit for dogs with clipped/scissored, long-haired coats only. Dogs should be on a regular grooming schedule to benefit from this service. If a dog is beyond four weeks of their last full groom, dependent on coat condition and owner maintenance, a maintenance groom may not be able to be undertaken and this can be discussed with your groomer.

Precious Paws

Full Groom

Ideal for all dogs who want to look and feel their very best.

Includes hydro-massage bath with products selected to meet your dogs specific needs, calming warm lavender wrap, blow dry, full body brush, ear cleanse, paw and sanitary area trim, nail trim and a full hair cut, trim or de-shedding.

Please note that Precious Paws regrettably are no longer able to groom  dogs over 10-12Kg.

Please enquire about our new puppy course, the perfect introductory setting for your new pup!

  • Miniature dog (up to 4kg), poa
    • Smooth coat (bath and de-shed)
    • Long coat (clipped/styled)
    • Double coat (bath and de-shed)
    • Wool Coat (clipped/styled)
  • Small dog (4kg - 9kg) , poa
    • Smooth coat (bath and de-shed)
    • Long coat (clipped/styled)
    • Wool Coat (clipped/styled)
  • Medium dogs, 9kg - 12kg poa
  • Precious Paws

    Spa Add-ons

    Add on any of the following treatments to your full groom to fully pamper and de-stress the precious dog in your life.

    • Mud Treatments to address specific needs (shedding, mobility, fortifying and soothing)

      Our mud treatments address a range of concerns through their range of detoxifying minerals and nourishing vitamins which restore your dog's skin to its optimal condition. These treatments include a 15 minute full body massage to help absorption and relieve tension in your dog.

      From £5
    • Protein hair restoring treatment

      Rebuilds the hair's shaft, adding protein and body to the dog's coat.

      From £5
    • Deluxe paw-dicure

      Deep cleansing foot soak with natural ingredients to fight bacteria whilst soothing and moisturising paws – perfect for sore paws or to help stop licking - followed by paw massage using indulgent healing paw balm to help relieve cracked or dry paws whilst protecting from wear and tear. Nail painting is included in this service for those who desire.

    • Facial

      Dogs' faces get into everything! Help cleanse their faces of bacteria and odours with a facial selected based on your dog's skin and coat type; exfoliating, invigorating blueberry or a calming oatmeal. These help cleanse facial pores deep down and can aid the appearance of tear staining.

    • Mini Pawdicure

      A nourishing, healing paw balm massaged into dog's tired paws at the end of the groom. Great for cracked paws.

  • Precious Paws

    Extra Services / Add-ons

    • De-Matting

      If there is more than 20 minutes de-matting required, we are required by the Animal Welfare Act to shave the dog humanely so as not to cause the dog suffering. We will only attempt to de-matt if there is matting on no more than 5% of the dog.

      From £5.00 - £20.00
  • Precious Paws

    Teeth Cleaning

    Ultrasound Dental Care for Dogs
    • Cleans through air oscillations (around 60 million oscillations per minute)
    • Cleans without movement, vibration or noise
    • Reaches deep into the gum tissue
    • Reaches the smallest spaces in the mouth and radiates out 3 x the size of the toothbrush head, covering a larger area of the mouth
    • Antibacterial effect
    • Reduces mouth odour
    • Improves blood circulation and reduces inflammation in gums
    • No abrasive particles
    • No anaesthetic risk
    • Formation of further tartar and plaque prevented (with regular use)

    This system removes tartar with Ultrasound and destroys bacteria deep in the gums.

    We believe that prevention is better than cure. This system, used regularly, can help maintain dental health for your pet and potentially avoid the need to have treatment with the vet, anaesthetic and added cost.

    A regularly scheduled oral hygiene routine is the best way to protect your pet's dental health.

    The specially formulated ultrasound toothpaste, which is suitable for animals, cleans teeth and gums to prevent the build up of plaque and tartar. Ultrasound reaches deep below the gum line to kill germs and bacteria, at the same time it increases the blood flow to the gums to heal wounds and stop bleeding.

    An assessment of your dog's teeth will be taken to determine whether this treatment would be beneficial and over what time-scale.

    Terms and Conditions are applicable. We advise that maintenance treatment is carried out at home in-between grooms.

    • 30 minutes

      Number of sessions dependent on dog.

    • Maintenance /15 minutes

      £20 (can be added on to your grooming schedule or more regularly as you prefer).

  • Precious Paws

    Nail Clipping

    The length of your dog's nails is imperative to their well-being. Overgrown nails can impact on their walking ability and, with puppies, could potentially cause problems with bone growth.

    • Nail Clipping


Guide Prices

Pricing is based on breed, hair length, coat condition, temperament, age and grooming history. Grooming fees vary according to size and the amount of work involved.

A dog that is groomed at their recommended grooming intervals will be easier to groom (and less stressful for the dog) than a dog that comes in severely matted.

If a dog comes in after a longer period than his recommended grooming schedule, the groom cost will be more.

All customers will be required to be present for the initial consultation and to fill in a client induction pack. If they are not then it is assumed that they agree to these conditions as set out on this website.

Should your dog have matting that cannot be safely and kindly brushed out or removed within an acceptable time frame for the dog (no longer than 10 minutes) a complete shave down or much shorter style may be required and matting fees will be incurred due to the extra time and tools used in these procedures.

Regrettably Precious Paws are unable to groom dogs over 15Kg.  These dogs are still welcome for boarding and walking services.